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This beautiful spot is within the town limits (1.6 kms. from the Kodaikanal Lake) and is excellent for a day out. It is the source of a river which takes the name of Parappar and later Tevankarai Aar as it moves down. In the olden days it was a drinking hole for bears and hence the name. The shola forest all around will beckon the wildlife enthusiast and there is a concrete footpath for short trek into the deeper wilderness.

It is a delightful picnic spot situated 21 kms. from Kodaikanal lake and easily accessible by a pucca road, provided you have a forest pass. A free pass is available from the District Forest Office at Kodaikanal. Reflecting the glory of the mountains all around, the vast clean waters of the lake teem with trout and cyprinus. Those with fishing permits from the Fisheries Department can angle to their hearts’ content.

It is a fine garden park on the eastern side of Kodaikanal Lake, very close to the centre of the town. It is noted for hybrid and graft varieties of flowers. Cut flowers are exported from here. There is a glass house which shelters fine varieties of flowers that grow only in controlled climatic conditions. It is a favourite haunt of garden lovers from all over the world.

It is a neat little garden park situated in the north east corner of the town on the way to Kurinji Andavar Temple. A large variety of exotic flowers can be seen here. Bushes cut and kept in beautiful shapes adorn the garden. A well kept grass meadow and shady trees create an atmosphere of cool calm and make the park a pleasant resting place.

A pathway for lovers of panoramic view, perching on the steep slope of Mount Nebo, just one kilometer from the Lake is called Coaker’s Walk in memory of Lt. Er. Coaker. It was he who identified the place and constructed the path in 1872. Located at an elevation of over 2000 meters, it is the highest viewpoint in Kodaikanal. On clear mornings, as the sun rises over the Palni Hills in the east, the ocean-like view of the plains lying 2000 meters below, beyond layers and layers of mist covered mountain ranges is an enchanting sight.

Turning aside from the road that leads from Pillar Rocks to Berijam Lake, and taking a short walk through a pine forest, you can reach the Devil’s Kitchen or Guna’s Caves. These are strange rock formations resulting from erosion of soil from cliffs. Short treks up the adjacent hill will give panoramic views of valleys 1500 feet below. Small wild animals and several bird species can be observed here.

Seven kilometres from the Kodaikanal Lake is situated a curious natural formation of rock, resembling the nose of a dolphin jutting out over a deep valley. Periyakulam town and the surrounding plains and Vaigai Lake are all clearly visible on sunny days. The point can be reached by a one kilometre trek from Vattakkanal hamlet up to which light vehicles can go. The point is 1960 metres above sea level. There is an echo-point nearby from where loud shouts or shrieks will produce reverberations in the form of multiple echoes.

The source of Pambar river, which joins the Vaigai River lower down, is also within the town limits. It is the overflow of the Township Reservoir running south and forming the enchanting fairy falls. The crystalline waters that fill the basin at the base of the falls are frequented by tourists for bathing. It is just 5 kms. from Kodaikanal Lake.

Created in the 1860s by the then Collector of Madurai, Kodaikanal Lake is 24 hectares of clear placid expanse of water. It is the hub of activity for the thousands of tourists who flock to this place and the pride of the citizens of Kodai. It is the venue of the annual regatta, organized by the Kodaikanal Boat Club, which attracts the largest tourist inflow to this region.

Situated 3 kms. from the Kodaikanal Lake is a temple dedicated to Lord Muruka and associated with the kurinji flowers which cover the hills with blooms once in 12 years. Good views of the Palni Hills and the Vaigai Dam can be enjoyed from this temple premises. As Kurinji also means ‘hilly region’ and Andavar means ‘God’ the name may also mean ‘The Lord of the hills’.

The overflow of Township Reservoir runs south forming the Fairy Falls and proceeds to join the Vaigai River forming the Pambar Falls on the way. It is also known as ‘Grand Cascade’ as the view of the falls is quite majestic. The evenly cut step-like rock formation gives more beauty to the cascading effect of the clear waters. There is a basin like formation at the bottom fit for bathing. Three or four adjacent smaller cascading falls can be seen as you go down the stream. The wilderness surrounding the falls abounds in rare flora and fauna. Endemic birds and butterflies attract nature lovers to this secluded spot.

Three perfectly vertical rock formations standing shoulder to shoulder, rising from the verdant valley, and measuring 122 meters in height, is a breathtaking sight to behold. It is situated 7.4 kms. from the Kodaikanal Lake. The tourists can stand and view the rocks from a comfortable vantage point where a garden has also been provided. The sudden movement of thick fog across the rocks, veiling and unveiling the Pillar Rocks from view, off and on, is enthralling. Caves, chasms and thick woods in the shadow of the rocks attract the adventurous.

Shenbaganur Museum is the Museum of Natural History of Kodaikanal. It is situated 5.6 kms. from the Kodaikanal Lake, along the road to Kodaikanal. A gradual accumulation of individual items of natural history since the 1920s formed the major portion of the present museum. The Museum preserves and exhibits archaeological remains, and the endemic flora and fauna of the Palni Hills. These collections were made over the last 70 years by the students and professors of the Philosophical seminary of Jesuits called the Sacred Heart College. The fact that 13 professors or alumni have got their names attached to the new genera/species of insects and plants discovered by them shows how much original work have been done by these students and professors.

The overflow of Kodaikanal Lake, at a distance of 8 kms., from the Lake, forms a beautiful waterfalls along the road to Kodaikanal. It is 180 feet high and perennially gushes down to give the visitors a refreshing bath on their way. During the rainy season the falls increases in quantity and roar down in frightening cascades and is an unforgettable experience.

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